Tuesday, November 21, 2006

What Is Awareness Inxight Server

Inxight SmartDiscovery Awareness Server greatly reduces the time users would spend staying on top of the important changes in their business. The Alert module in SmartDiscovery Awareness Server includes the ability to set up email and landing page alerts based on changes to a specific document or web page or the appearance of newly available information of interest in deep web, internet, news, internal systems, or other sources. Page tracking keeps users aware of changes to a single web page or document of interest – price changes on a competitive product, patent filing status changes from a patent database, new press releases or news coverage listed on a competitor’s website – whatever information is important to you and your job. Saved search alerts provide users with email or mobile alerts on the latest newly available information that might impact business decisions – new product coverage, new Usenet postings, new patents and more. The system knows what users have already seen and what is new to them. Users need only ask once to stay on top of daily changes.


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